Asim Bešlija


Public relations manager, producer, journalist – freelancer, Sarajevo, BiH (present)

  • part-time producer for FACE TV, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • author of e-book ‘Bosnia and Herzegovina, an alternative photo journey’
  • member of production company ShootEasy from Budapest, Hungary
  • producer for Euronews network, Lyon, France
  • producer of documentary series ‘Islam in Europe’ for Canvas, second channel of Belgium national television
  • producer of documentary series ‘Extreme railway journeys’ in five ex-Yugoslav countries for Channel 5, London, UK
  • – author of the project
  • author of audio podcast ‘Inspirational conversations’
  • Author of promo films for non-government organizations such as Care International Balkans, Foundation for Empowerment of Women, ROMED program of Council of Europe, Association of Roma Women ‘Bolja budućnost’
  • Social media manager


Public relations manager, Association INFOHOUSE, Sarajevo, BiH (3/2015 – 3/2016)

  • external and internal public relations
  • cooperation with media at national level
  • managing campaigns for different projects
  • managing social media presence and web site maintenance
  • drafting project proposals
  • project management


Reference: Mrs. Dženana Alađuz


Public relations representative, Association INFOHOUSE-Coalition of NGOs ‘Pod lupom’ – Election observation, Sarajevo, BiH (5/2014 – 2/2015)

  • Public relations for the Coalition
  • Preparation of different types of press releases
  • Production of media appearances
  • Online content management
  • Implementation of Coalition’s media campaign (content, coordination of design, printing and distribution, media buying)
  • Writing of training materials, rules and procedures for trainers and election observers
  • Project management


Chief  producer, FACE TV, Sarajevo, BiH (7/2010 – 5/2014)

  • News producer for Saturday night ‘Central news with Senad Hadzifejzovic’
  • Coverage of current affairs in BiH and ex-Yugoslavia
  • Preparation of story ideas
  • Production of short news for the show
  • Website update and editing
  • Adaptation of video materials for the station’s website
  • Producer and editor for the morning show and FACE magazine
  • Producer and liason for Euronews network agreement with FACE TV
  • Author and manager of special projects for donors and international partners (The US and Norwegian embassy in Bosnia and Herzegowina)
  • Training and mentoring of young journalists
  • Other multi-tasking responsibilities


Reference: Mr. Senad Hadžifejzović


Fixer/producer, Euronews, Sarajevo, BiH (2012/present)

  • setting up interviews and B-roll filming across BiH
  • coordination of TV crew
  • making proposals for new interviews
  • translation


Broadcast Media Expert, Strengthening Independent Media project, IREX, Washington DC, USA – Sarajevo, BiH, (5/2010)

(Note: I have passed almost a month- long test and interview procedure, received and accepted job offer, but the project was not granted to IREX by the US government)


Reference: mr. Mark Whitehouse


Editor-in-Chief,, Sarajevo, BiH, (10/2009 – 4/2010)

  • Editor-in-Chief of best rated Bosnian online news magazine
  • Collaborate daily with journalists, and train and mentor young journalists
  • Select topics to be covered in daily news and monitor website content
  • Liaise with external contacts
  • Work on website’s own video production with young video journalists


Journalist and Co-Editor, Foto Art Independent TV Production, Sarajevo, BiH (3/2008 – 10/2009)

  • Journalist and co-editor for TV series “Society of Knowledge,” ad documentary series on science and technology broadcasted via TV OBN Sarajevo and BiH national public broadcaster BHT1
  • Organize five-member staff for daily work including on-camera work, video editing, field trips, etc.
  • Training of two presenters to improve their vocal skills
  • Financial management of field trips
  • Public relations for the show
  • Creation and weekly update of official blog for the show –
  • Coordination of work and creation of content with sponsor of the show BH Telecom


Referncee: mr.Gordan Memija


Columnist and General Contributor,, Sarajevo, BiH, (2/2008 – 10/2009)

  • Author of weekly columns on different issues in BiH society
  • Journalist covering wide range of topics in BiH through articles and interviews

Author, XY Films, Sarajevo, Bosnia, (7/2008)

  • Author of the final episode of the award-winning documentary series “Fingerprints” (Otisci) dealing with war crimes committed and facing the past in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Reference: mr. Aldin Arnautović


Special reporter, TV Hayat/Network Plus(Mreža plus), The Hague, Netherlands, (2/2007)

  • Covered presentation of trial in the case of Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Bosnia and Herzegovina v. Serbia and Montenegro)
  • Organized in close cooperation with news director the whole project of coverage including trip to Netherlands, coordinated the work of satellite van crew in The Hague and newsroom team in Sarajevo, provided live coverage for TV Hayat and other member stations of Network Plus

Special Reporter, Oslobodenje Daily, The Hague, Netherlands, (3/2006 – 6/2006)

  • Covered various court proceedings of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia on a daily basis


Referee: Mrs. Senka Kurt


Special Reporter, Mreza Plus TV Network/TV Hayat, The Hague, Netherlands, (3/2003 – 6/2006)

  • Reported daily on various court proceedings for TV Hayat and other Mreza plus member stations from the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
  • Writing, editing and distribution of radio reports on ICTY court proceedings to the network of radio stations in BiH


Contributor, CNN International, Sarajevo, BiH, (3//2002 – 1/2003)

  • Produced numerous reports for CNN’s World Report program dealing with current events


Journalist/Reporter, TV Hayat, Sarajevo, BiH, (9/1999 – 3/2008)

  • Reported for daily newscasts including news at 5
  • Reported for weekly news shows including “Korak” and “Centralni dnevnik”
  • Served as News Editor for the news at 12 satellite program of Hayat SAT
  • Author of numerous one-episode documentaries
  • Author of numerous new project proposals for the station
  • Trainer for the interns and new journalist in the newsroom


Reference: Mr. Kenan Ćerimagić


Radio Presenter/Journalist, Center for Culture, Radio Gorazde, Gorazde, BiH, (2/1994 – 12/1995)

  • Presented daily news reports for the radio program


Bosnian (native) Croatian, Serbian, English (fluent), French (intermediate)


Mrs. Nađa Lutvikadić-Fočo, PR, BH Telecom

Mrs. Snježana Mulić-Softić, Al Jazeera Balkans

Mr. Edin Mehić,

Mrs. Viola Gienger, senior writer, United States Institute of Peace, Washington DC

Mrs. Jean Garner, producer, Washington DC